Paul Walstra, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

We had a wonderful time and would recommend it to anyone. The B&B’s were fine and the luggage transport service was ideal. We’re not very experienced walkers – this was our 1st walking holiday and we never walked four days in a row, plus it included the longest distance we’d ever walked in 1 day on the 2nd day. But we made it and are very happy about that.

We really enjoyed it and (because it was more physical activity in a holiday than we’re used to) found that it had been a long time since we forgot about work so much as now. The walking required the energy we would otherwise have used in staying in touch with work. So that was a very good thing!

Client Feedback

We felt well-informed every step of the way. You provided the transfers as requested and the rooms we requested and satisfied our special requests. We felt like we got every penny of our money’s worth.

Fife Coastal Path, September 2023
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The staff are very friendly and efficient, the info packs with supporting info are great, the accommodation options are varied and excellent.

Lady Anne’s Way, August 2023
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Working with everyone at Mickledore was a FANTASTIC experience! It could not have gone any better. Everything was top-notch, and every penny I spent was worth it. You all were responsive, professional, and efficient. Very impressive. I’ve already recommended Mickledore to several friends and fellow walkers!

Cleveland Way, July 2023
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