Speyside Way

Weaving through the heart of Scotland’s whisky country, the Speyside Way stands testament to the country’s stunning landscapes and rich heritage. As a result it has established itself as one of Scotland’s most popular trails. The 65 mile journey commences in the vibrant town of Buckie on the Moray Firth and winds its way southward, culminating in the historic village of Aviemore nestled within the Cairngorms National Park. Walkers seeking further exploration and a longer experience can choose to incorporate the Tomintoul and Dufftown spurs into their holiday.

Your introduction to the Speyside Way is the crisp sea air of the Moray Firth. As you venture on, the trail unveils the picturesque Spey Valley, famed for its meandering river and fertile landscapes. The route guides you through charming whisky villages such as Craigellachie and Aberlour, where historic distilleries dot the landscape, inviting you to explore the craftsmanship behind Scotland’s beloved spirit.

The Speyside Way then leads you into the heart of the Cairngorms, offering a dramatic change in scenery. The trail takes you through ancient pine forests and over open moorlands, with majestic views of the Cairngorm Mountains as your backdrop.

Ultimately, the Speyside Way is much more than a walking trail, it’s an exploration of Scotland’s diverse landscapes, captivating history, and the artistry of its famed distilleries. Whether tracing the banks of the River Spey, strolling through woodlands, or savouring the warmth of Scottish hospitality, the Speyside Way promises to be a memorable adventure for those seeking the essence of Scotland’s cultural and natural treasures.

Our Holidays

The Speyside Way can be walked over 5, 6 or 7 days depending on the pace you find most comfortable, whether you choose to walk the spurs along the way, and of course how much time you would like to spend exploring the many distilleries.

Please bear in mind that the distances each day are trail distances only. They do not take into account walking to your accommodation. On some days the accommodation might be on or close to the trail but on other days you may need to walk one or two miles to get to your overnight stop.

Our colleague Sue has walked the Speyside Way. Read Sue’s article: Sue & Mike’s Speyside Adventure.

The Speyside Way

Buckie to Aviemore 65 miles/105 km

We offer 2 itineraries on the standard route. The 5 day walk ends with a 17 mile day from Grantown-On-Spey to Aviemore. The 6 day walk splits this leg with an overnight in Boat Of Garten.

Code Length Average per day Price range
SP6 5 days walking (6 nights) 13 miles/21 km £709 - £854 Full Info Book
SP7 6 days walking (7 nights) 11 miles/18 km £802 - £976 Full Info Book

The Speyside Way & Tomintoul Spur

Buckie to Aviemore 80 miles/129 km

The Speyside Way including the Tomintoul Spur with fantastic views across to the Cairngorm Mountain Range.

Code Length Average per day Price range
SPT7 6 days walking (7 nights) 13 miles/21 km £844 - £1018 Full Info Book

The Speyside Way & Dufftown Spur

Buckie to Aviemore 77 miles/124 km

The Speyside Way including the Dufftown Spur. Dufftown is an attractive and varied circuit encompassing the famous Glenfiddich Distillery.

Code Length Average per day Price range
SPD7 6 days walking (7 nights) 13 miles/21 km £812 - £986 Full Info Book

The Speyside Way & Tomintoul & Dufftown Spurs

Buckie to Aviemore 92 miles/148 km

This is the longest of our Speyside Way holidays and encompasses both the Dufftown and Tomintoul Spurs along the way.

Code Length Average per day Price range
SP8 7 days walking (8 nights) 13 miles/21 km £910 - £1113 Full Info Book

Client Feedback

We felt well-informed every step of the way. You provided the transfers as requested and the rooms we requested and satisfied our special requests. We felt like we got every penny of our money’s worth.

Fife Coastal Path, September 2023
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The staff are very friendly and efficient, the info packs with supporting info are great, the accommodation options are varied and excellent.

Lady Anne’s Way, August 2023
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Mickledore simply do ‘ what it says on the tin’ and that works for me.

The Ridgeway, September 2023
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