Jersey Coastal Path

With its rugged cliffs, golden sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters, Jersey boasts some of the most breathtaking coastal scenery in the British Isles. Located in the Gulf of Saint-Malo off the Normandy coast, Jersey is the most southerly of the Channel Islands, and despite being the largest, covers an area of just 45 square miles, with no point on the island being more than 2 miles from the sea. The Jersey Coastal Path itself is a captivating 50 mile circular walk beginning and ending in the island’s capital, St Helier.

Jersey is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The island is renowned for its wild flowers, which you’ll find in bloom throughout the season. The sand dunes of Les Quennevais support around 400 species alone. The bluebells and narcissi found on the northern cliffs of the island are an absolute delight, and add to that sea campion, red campion, wild orchids and ox-eye daises, and you have a joyous display of colour along the trail.

The birdlife is remarkably rich for such a small land mass, both in terms of migrating and wintering species. Look out for owls, kestrels, peregrines and marsh harriers, as well as short-toed treecreepers, Dartford warblers and nightjars. Naturally seabirds feature strongly. Expect to see shags, great cormorants and common terns on the islets and stacks, while an array of waders search the beaches and rock pools for food.

Beyond its obvious natural beauty, the Jersey Coastal Path is a gateway to the island’s rich history and cultural heritage. On your journey you’ll encounter castles, churches, ancient monuments and fortifications. These landmarks offer an insight to Jersey’s fascinating past, from its Neolithic roots to its more recent maritime history.

Famed for its glorious sunshine, delicious cuisine, intriguing history and spectacular coastline, the lure of Jersey is irresistible. Lace up your boots, and with the sound of waves crashing against the shore, and a warm sea breeze for company, embark on the truly unforgettable journey that is the Jersey Coastal Path.

Our Holidays

We offer 2 itineraries on the Jersey Coastal Path making a clockwise circuit over 4 or 5 days beginning and ending in the island’s capital, St Helier.

Please bear in mind that the distances each day are trail distances only. They do not take into account walking to your accommodation. On some days the accommodation might be on or close to the trail but on other days you may need to walk one or two miles to get to your overnight stop.

Jersey Coastal Path

St Helier to St Helier 50 miles/80 km

When choosing from 4 or 5 days walking consider how far you’d like to walk each day, as well as how much time you’d like to spend exploring the countless historical sites, and time and tide permitting, the many tidal islands along the way. With the exception of one 15 mile day on our 4 day itinerary, daily trail distances never exceed 12 miles. Both itineraries involve a short bus transfer.

Code Length Average per day Price range
JC5 4 days walking (5 nights) 13 miles/21 km £875 - £1014 Full Info Book
JC6 5 days walking (6 nights) 10 miles/16 km £960 - £1134 Full Info Book

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Thank you Mickledore! This was our 6th trip with you, and it was great.

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We felt well-informed every step of the way. You provided the transfers as requested and the rooms we requested and satisfied our special requests. We felt like we got every penny of our money’s worth.

Fife Coastal Path, September 2023
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