Paul Walstra, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

We had a wonderful time and would recommend it to anyone. The B&B’s were fine and the luggage transport service was ideal. We’re not very experienced walkers – this was our 1st walking holiday and we never walked four days in a row, plus it included the longest distance we’d ever walked in 1 day on the 2nd day. But we made it and are very happy about that.

We really enjoyed it and (because it was more physical activity in a holiday than we’re used to) found that it had been a long time since we forgot about work so much as now. The walking required the energy we would otherwise have used in staying in touch with work. So that was a very good thing!

Client Feedback

You provide a first rate service. You accommodated our itinerary change with grace and no fuss. Thanks for facilitating a great experience for us. We will definitely book again with you guys, everything went smoothly for the whole holiday.

Coast to Coast, May 2023
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I think you all are great. I appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to work with me to get the best accommodations. Your rapid response when needed is so important and appreciated.

Thames Path, May 2023
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Really well organised. Everything worked like clockwork

Dales Way, May 2023
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