Paul Walstra, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

We had a wonderful time and would recommend it to anyone. The B&B’s were fine and the luggage transport service was ideal. We’re not very experienced walkers – this was our 1st walking holiday and we never walked four days in a row, plus it included the longest distance we’d ever walked in 1 day on the 2nd day. But we made it and are very happy about that.

We really enjoyed it and (because it was more physical activity in a holiday than we’re used to) found that it had been a long time since we forgot about work so much as now. The walking required the energy we would otherwise have used in staying in touch with work. So that was a very good thing!

Client Feedback

Like a dream. You nailed so many things and made our trip one we will never forget. Will recommend you to all and think you’re an amazing company. No issues the entire time! We switched our dates and was done easily. I cannot believe how smooth it was and that we didnt need to bother you. Coming all the way from America we thought we would need more help. Will tell lots of people about you and the team

Hadrian’s Wall Walk, June 2023
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Had a fabulous time walking the Cotswold Way recently despite walking in a heatwave! The scenery is stunning and the accommodation top notch as we’ve come to expect from Mickledore. We had an extra day in Bath at the end of the walk. It’s such a beautiful city. This was our sixth holiday with this company and we would thoroughly recommend them.

Cotswold Way, June 2023
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We have never experienced such a well-organized holiday, so we would happily recommend Mickledore to friends and family!

Dales Way, July 2023
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