Walking With Your Dog

We are often asked for dog-friendly walks so we have created some special itineraries with you and your dog in mind. These routes have been selected as we are able to book accommodation that is suitable for both of you – either in the location you walk to, or close by with a transfer.

Whichever route you choose, the choice of accommodation with a dog is more limited than usual, sometimes only one or two accommodations are available in certain locations. The more flexible you can be, the more chance we have of being able to arrange your holiday. For instance, you may have one or two nights without en-suite facilities or you may have to spend two nights in one location (with transfers). As availability is often very limited we strongly recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

Please note that some accommodations only accept small dogs, so we will need to know your dog’s breed to ensure we book the appropriate overnight stay. Also, some will not allow dogs into the bedroom, so occasionally your dog may be expected to stay in another room in the house, such as the conservatory. Just let us know if this is not suitable and again we will take this into account when booking.

As you will be staying in unfamiliar places you will also need to consider if your dog will be happy with this and if he/she can be left alone without getting upset and causing damage.

You will need to bring dog food, towels and bedding for your dog and it is best to have this transported with your luggage between locations. If you cannot fit this into your own luggage bag within the weight allowance, you will need to book an extra piece of luggage to be transported with our luggage courier. Please ask us for a quote for this.

Most of our accommodation providers do make an additional charge for dogs. This is an extra cost in addition to the published holiday price and you will need to settle this directly with the accommodation owner(s).

Hadrian’s Wall

We have a good selection of Hadrian’s Wall itineraries that can be walked with a dog. We’re sorry can’t offer all our itineraies due to a shortage of suitable accommodation in some locations. Please look for the holiday codes which end with a D on our Hadrian’s Wall page.

Herriot Way

Both of our Herriot Way itineraries can be booked with a dog with a couple of changes to the standard itinerary. Please click here for more details and let us know that you would like to bring your dog when booking.

Cleveland Way

We have four dog-friendly Cleveland Way itineraries. Take a look at the holiday codes ending with a D here for further information.

Cumbria Way

All our Cumbria Way itineraries can be walked with a dog with a bit of careful planning. Your choice of start date is restricted to certain days of the week and on some nights you may be in hotels rather than B&Bs and guesthouses. Again, look for the holiday codes ending with a D here.

Inn Way to the Lake District

We have a few itineraries for you to choose from on this route. Again, there are restrictions on which day of the week you can start. Look for the itineraries ending with a D here for further details.

If you have any questions about our dog-friendly intineraries or any other aspect of your holiday, please call or email our friendly team. We’ll be happy to help.