Phyllis Cairnes & Rolla Wade, USA

Dear Mickledore Team, we had an absolutely fantastic trip!! In fact, we are back home in the US now, drinking a big cup of British tea, trying to hold on a little longer to any remnant of Yorkshire.

It didn’t hurt that we did the entire walk with NO RAIN (how did you manage that??), but I truly believe we would have enjoyed it anyway. You left no stone unturned, Mickledore. I do believe you covered every aspect of planning.

We were pleased with the maps and guidebook (it seemed to be the one everyone was using) and with our holiday pack. Very thorough. Great to have the photos of the B and B’s along with the directions. I had to chuckle when the service information included even Public Toilets. Quite helpful, really.

Your e-mail responses were prompt and helpful. Your website is attractive and enticing. It is one of the reasons I chose Mickledore in the first place.

Overall, we would rate our level of satisfaction with Mickledore as excellent. We would (and will) recommend you to our friends and yes, we would use your services again.

Client Feedback

Everything you outlined for the trip happened like clockwork. Honestly, the experience was so good I wish you’d add holidays in the U.S. Mickledore will be the first place I consult on my next walking holiday.

Hadrian’s Wall Walk, June 2023
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Gives us confidence your services will be delivered. Proven track record of excellent service. Holiday pack: Excellent, provided all the information we needed, arrived in Australia early.

Westmorland Way, April 2023
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I was extremely pleased with the service provided by Mickledore. I was able to enjoy my walk and accommodations without thinking or worrying about the planning, luggage transfer, etc.

Herriot Way, June 2023
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