Mr Steve Hunter, Rhyll, Australia

Thanks for all of your support.
Your assistance, particularly from Tara, in planning the walk and our associated travel in relation to the start and finish locations was superb. We were pleased with the accommodation and meal planning and your arrangements ensured that we had a great holiday. The weather was hot and it was hard work but we really enjoyed it.

Client Feedback

I think you all are great. I appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to work with me to get the best accommodations. Your rapid response when needed is so important and appreciated.

Thames Path, May 2023
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I had an amazing week hiking Hadrian’s Wall, and Mickledore planned everything perfectly. Thank you!

Hadrian’s Wall Walk, May 2023
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Thank you Mickledore! This was our 6th trip with you, and it was great.

Tour of the Lake District, September 2023
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