Isle of Wight Coastal Path

For those who love to stride out amid the fragrance of salty sea air and with the warmth of the sun on their face, the Isle of Wight Coastal Path is a dream come true.

Shaped like a diamond, the Isle of Wight really is a jewel in the English Channel, and our Coastal Path holidays are the perfect way to explore the island the Romans first named Vectis.

Our 70 mile circuit of the island begins in the seaport town of Cowes on the west bank of the River Medina. Cowes is home to the oldest and biggest sailing regatta in the world. From here we head south west to the historic town of Yarmouth, skirting Newtown National Nature Reserve as we go. Then it’s onwards to the village of Totland with its picturesque sandy beach, ahead of a breathtaking crossing of Headon Warren where you’ll catch your first glimpse of the iconic chalk stacks, The Needles, guarded by its lighthouse at the outer western end of the formation.

The grassy, whale backed ridge of Tennyson Down leads us east along the southern edge of the island, first past the chalk pebbled Freshwater Bay, then on to a collection of chines and home to one of the richest areas for dinosaur discovery in Europe. St Catherine’s Lighthouse marks the most southern point of the island and is one of the oldest lighthouse locations in Great Britain.

Shanklin, Sandown and Seaview continue the theme of sun, sea and sand. Ryde, home to the world’s oldest hovercraft operator, is now all that stands between you and the completion of your circuit.

The island has been home to Alfred Lord Tennyson, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin and Queen Victoria. Also, thanks to Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi, the birthplace of the radio.

The Isle of Wight is England’s largest island. Yet at high tide, becomes England’s smallest county!

Put simply, if you love the thought of walking round a beautiful and fascinating island, that enjoys more sunshine than some parts of Spain, then the Isle of Wight Coastal Path is most certainly the holiday for you.

Our Holidays

We offer 5 itineraries on the Isle of Wight Coastal Path. Of those, 4 make a complete circuit of the island over 4 to 7 days, beginning in the seaport town of Cowes.  Make your choice depending on the pace you find most comfortable.

If you don’t have time to make a full circuit, we have a short break highlights holiday in West and South Wight walking from Yarmouth to Shanklin over 3 days.

Please bear in mind that the distances each day are trail distances only. They do not take into account walking to your accommodation. On some days the accommodation might be on or close to the trail but on other days you may need to walk one or two miles to get to your overnight stop.

The Whole Isle of Wight Coastal Path

Cowes to Cowes 70 miles/113 km

We offer 4 itineraries covering the whole of the route. The longer the itinerary, the shorter the distance that you have to walk each day.

Code Length Average per day Price range
IW5 4 days walking (5 nights) 18 miles/29 km $948 - $1085 Full Info Book
IW6 5 days walking (6 nights) 14 miles/23 km $1120 - $1291 Full Info Book
IW7 6 days walking (7 nights) 12 miles/19 km $1294 - $1499 Full Info Book
IW8 7 days walking (8 nights) 10 miles/16 km $1466 - $1705 Full Info Book

Isle of Wight Coastal Path Highlights: Yarmouth to Shanklin

Yarmouth to Shanklin 31 miles/50 km

Enjoy 3 days walking at a gentle pace through West and South Wight.

Code Length Average per day Price range
IWH4 3 days walking (4 nights) 10 miles/16 km $787 - $890 Full Info Book