Phillip and Marie-Anne Kuus, The Netherlands.

For one week we feel us as a Empire!
We walk the Harianus Wall as ‘n Empire this was supper, thanks to Mickledore travel. We ran down the Hadrian Wall, and came in the most beautiful B&B’s. With care Mickledore found greet beautiful Bed and Breakfast, and in some they cooked especially for us the diner at high level. Every morning a breakfast as ‘n empire and lunch packed well made. We left to our next destination. Our luggage was sent through the next B&B, there for we had no looking after. We enjoyed the views, flowers and plants, the diversion of sheep breeds, and cattle on the route. Mickledore cannot guarantee for a good forecast, but we had a super week with only two days of rain, it was greet !. This was our first walking holiday, but after this experience, we look forward to next year program from Mickledore. We recommend everyone who love nature and history to do this walk!