Joseph Stidham, Berkshire, UK

I had a wonderful walking holiday on the Coast to Coast trail. The booklet and maps you provided were excellent, not to mention detailed information concerning overnight lodging and town amenities.

I’ve never had it so easy when it came to planning and logistics. You did it all for me, from booking my accommodations to providing route information. All I had to concern myself with was the actual walking. The B&B’s were great, the packed lunches were well done, the scenery was fantastic, and everyone I met was really friendly.

Completing the C2C walk was an amazing way to experience Northern England. You not only made it possible for me to have this experience, you made it absolutely worry-free. I know that took a lot of behind-the-scenes work on your part. I appreciate your attention to detail.

I was also really pleased with your responsiveness when it came to answering my email inquiries and arranging for payment. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Mickledore to anyone wanting to experience a supported walking holiday.