First of all, I was very impressed with the organization, the accommodation, the way the luggage just seemed to be waiting for me each day. You would like my impression of each nights accommodation, I have decided not to do that, as it amounted to 25 nights, for the first while I would say to myself, this was the best yet, then found I was only repeating the same thing each morning. I found everything just lovely, the rooms were all different and quite unique, clean rooms, and bathrooms, comfortable beds, just lovely folk running these places, wanting to make you coffee and goodies when you arrived, or willing to help with anything to make you comfortable, it was just lovely and very appreciated by me.

I was on my own walking, actually did not walk to often on the Coast to Coast on my own, it was difficult not to get lost, without much in the way of sign posts, so the book was like a bible, you were always looking at it. I met and walked with some charming people, it was quite hard walking each day, and I was advised to do it in the 17 days, and that was very good advice for me, as this was to celebrate my 80th birthday, (my own present to myself).

I am giving the whole trip a 10 out of 10, and you even managed 17 days without rain, perfect. Thank you.